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Megi Agro Chem Ltd has identified the potential business opportunities in Grain-Based Ethanol product and it’s necessities to meet the demand in Indian subcontinent and worldwide. Megi Agro Chem has planned a grass root ethanol producing plant with its strategic tie-up with M/s Chematur, Sweden for patented biostill-2000 continuous fermentation processed technology.
With abundant availability of raw material in a central hub of India for growing the highest yield crop viz. Jowar, Bajra and Maize, it is poised for stupendous growth with the objective set for creating a capital of grain-based ethanol in India. With the state of art automation technologies for fermentation and distillation, ethanol product will prove to be unmatchable global quality standards.

Company Vision:

At Megi Agro Chem Ltd, our vision is to be a globally leading manufacturer of grain-based ethanol with high end forward integrated products with the superior qualities to meet global challenges of tomorrow with preserving the sensitive ecology to the benefit of human mankind.

We strive to build long term, consistent, reliable and mutually beneficial active association with our esteemed customers and shareholders and sole objective to generate value through uniqueness.  For Megi Agro Chem Ltd, it is a key focus to operate our business responsibly, meet our commitment to Sustainable Growth with excellent financial returns. Our values shall reflect organizational culture and ethics in managing our employees and business. These are a company commitment, as well as an individual commitment for each of our employees.


Our Values

Meeting expectations

Includes individual commitment to achieve targets and re-dedicate the efforts with determination, drive and persuasion in situations such as setbacks and outperforming the competition.

Enrich human and nature

Includes commitment to value people and cultures within and outside the company treating human being partnering in the operating to treat each other fairly and provide opportunity for personal growth, inducing accountability, self-initiative and ensuring quality of health and safety.

Affection for our stakeholders

Includes commitment to discharge value for our stakeholders with integrated focus on requirement of customers; fully realizing the dedication to quality and reliability, ensuring rich dividends for shareholders, extended arm association with suppliers and communities.

Commitment to our dedication

Includes commitment to streamline the economic, ecological and social requirements of the present and future generations with the short term compromise keeping in view the long term requirements and extending the principles of responsible care, organizing sustained partnerships to ensure high level of safety and health.

Loyalty, transparency, integrity and honesty

Includes commitment to impart noble idol for organizational values by accepting accountability for actions and results, acting responsibly and reliably; encouraging the feedback from other, imparting timely and crystal clear feedback, supportive to provocate the truth in a helpful manner, with strict confidentiality, complying with laws, regulations and good business practices.


Strategic Objectives:

Our strategic objectives are:

To achieve sustainable profitability by:
• Potential raw material resources in the strategic plant location with the state of art grain based ethanol with opportunities for high gain forward integrated products.
• Utilize optimum resources in operative and administrative processes to achieve high yield.

To achieve leadership in grain-based ethanol by:
• With focus on inducing farmers with the contract farming resulting in sustainable availability of raw material to meet the growing demand of ethanol.
• With continued process up gradation based on operational feedback to achieve optimum production.

To be the employer with social human values by:
• Identifying, retaining and developing the best talent employees.



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