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Global Warming:

• The irreversible consequences of unmitigated climate change are of great concern to businesses worldwide. Global warming has affected crops like paddy and sugarcane in India and worldwide. Sugar cane yield is expected to decline by nearly 30% in the state of Maharashtra as per the report released by World Bank.


• We would be constructing DAM with the capacity of 158 TMC irrigating more than 600 acres of land in draught affected region of North Maharashtra.

Agricultural Land Utility

The use of ethanol, a potential alternative high-octane fuel source, could help three major policy goals:
• Improved environmental quality: Ethanol, splash-blended with gasoline (splash-blended means it is mixed at the wholesaler), increases the amount of oxygen in gasoline, which reduces carbon monoxide emissions. The blend also reduces emissions of toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer.
• Enhanced energy security: Ethanol, produced from domestically grown grains, could displace some imported crude oil and refined oil products.
• Stabilized farm income: Ethanol creates an additional market for jowar, bajra and maize. Due to lack of irrigation facilities and rain dependency in the backward regions of Maharashtra like North Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha, farmers in these regions mainly produce crops like jowar, bajra, maize, etc. Many a times, due the irregular rain fall, these grains become spoiled and are not good for human consumption. These grains do not fetch good price in the market and hence the farmers are in loss. In order to increase the ethanol production from grains and to avoid losses of farmers, it has become very much essential to promote and encourage distillery units which produce ethanol from grains.

Social Rural Benefits:

• Ethanol contributes to regional economic growth and job creation, particularly in rural communities.
• Ethanol exports will boost economic growth and sustainable rural development, while simultaneously helping to curb global warming by helping the world reduce its dependency on fossil fuels.
• It would help in reformation of dry land farming which includes effective water management strategies by construction of DAM.



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